Spa & Salon Management System

With 24x7 accessibility, customers can browse your salon service menu and book an appointment at their convenience.

Fully automated. Our online booking integrates with your salon appointment book, which means a customer can select a therapist, check available times, and pay upfront.

Features of Spa & Salon Management System

Book Appointments Quickly
  • Quick customer history look-up.
  • Quickly identify therapist and room availability.
  • Quick re-assigning of therapists.
  • Lock appointment to therapist or room.
  • Book salon packages.
  • Drag and drop for quick rescheduling.
  • Filter by therapist name, job or room.
  • Customers self-book appointments.
  • Quickly see availability on other dates.
Salon Automated Operations
  • Automated appointment confirmation and reminder emails and text messages (SMS).
  • Anywhere, anytime access to your salon appointment book.
  • Salon employees access their own schedules.
  • Color coding for employees status.
  • Color coding for appointments.
  • Bio-metric check in for employees.
  • Built-in pilferage checks for your salon.
  • Automated feedback entry & tracking.
  • Integrated with salon mobile solution.
Delight Your Customers
  • Seamless experience across salon centers.
  • Identify your most important customers with a glance (e.g. regulars, high spenders, first time visitors, etc..).
  • Store preferences and reported issues.
  • A unique and powerful salon mobile app for customers to help you stay connected.
  • Quick customer history look-up.
  • Alerts for birthdays, membership renewal, etc....
  • Auto emails & sms for birthdays, anniversaries, etc...